Where Is The Battery In A BMW - A Beginner's Guide Is Here

Where Is The Battery In A BMW - A Beginner's Guide Is Here

The automobile battery is among the essential components of the vehicle’s electrical system. It gathers electric power and is then used to electric power gadgets within the automobile. As a result, it’s critical to keep the battery in good working order. The automobile has the area covered, making it difficult for new car owners. So you might be thinking about where is the battery in a BMW? This guide will help you regarding all about the battery of BMW.

Where Is The Battery In A BMW?

So, where is the battery in a BMW? The battery gets located beneath the hood of a BMW car or SUV. In addition, there are beginning air connectors near the engine for whenever the battery has to get charged.

The starting assistance terminal inside the engine compartment serves as the battery’s positive terminal in a vehicle such as the 5 Series. A specific nut thus represents the negative terminal of such a battery.

The battery’s positive connection get likewise located in the engine compartment of an SUV such as the X3. The battery’s negative terminal, however, is located on a particular connector on the body

The battery itself must be compatible with the vehicle. Otherwise, it may hinder vehicle performance or possibly cause harm to numerous automotive components.

Signs Your Battery Needs Replacement

If your BMW battery remains unresponsive after charging, it may be dead. If that’s the case, it has to be changed as soon as feasible. There are additional methods to tell whether your battery is about to die. One indicator is that your engine cranks slowly. If starting the automobile takes a little longer, the battery may be failing. You may have a bulging or inflated battery casing due to overheating. It would be best to use caution because this may reduce battery life. Finally, a leak may exist someplace. Corrosion may also occur around the posts where positive and negative cable connectors get placed.

Do you know how to check car battery? If not, this article is for you.

How To Remove BMW Car Battery?

Here is the correct process of removing the battery in a BMW.


When working with high-powered components, it’s critical to be cautious. The battery in the BMW has got engineered to be as secure as possible. However, it is still necessary to take the following precautions: It is critical to use rubber protective gloves and safety eyewear. A respirator is indeed a wise purchase if you already have sensitive lungs. Check that you’re in a well-ventilated environment. Keep the battery wires segregated; zip ties and fabric wraps can also be helpful. Contacting wires might cause sparks.

You’ll also need a socket wrench set and a terminal cleaning tool. You should also get some anti-corrosion gel if you’re getting a new BMW battery from our Bloomington parts department.

Process of Removing BMW Car Battery

If you do not even know where to seek a vehicle battery in the first place, it’s difficult to remove one from a BMW. Unlike virtually all other cars, most new BMWs have their batteries inside the trunk. Let’s look at how to change a car battery now that we’ve cleared things up:

  • Usually, the battery is on the right side of the car, behind the upholstery that covers the trunk.
  • Remove the negative battery connector from the battery with your 10 mm socket wrench. Set the connection to the side where it will not contact any metal or the other cable. If required, secure it with a zip tie and a fabric covering.
  • Next, unplug the positive battery terminal. Set it to the side carefully.
  • You are now prepared to replace the battery bracket. The fasteners that keep it together may get removed using a 13 mm socket.
  • Discard the old battery and replace it with a new BMW one. Crew the brackets, but always be cautious not to overtighten them. You run the danger of shattering the battery case.
  • Before attaching the terminal connections to the car, clean them one at a time. You may also use an anti-corrosion cream at this time to prevent future issues.
  • Start by connecting the positive terminal, then the negative terminal. We recommend replacing the upholstery in its original location. 

Tips to replace BMW car battery

Here are a few ideas to help you with the battery replacement after you know where is the battery in a BMW

  • You may use a trickle converter to keep the car charged up while upgrading the battery and saving your BMW’s memory performance. Reconnect the electricity to the neutral and positive terminals under the hood. These are all the terminals that help to Anchor (https://helpbush.com/what-to-do-when-car-battery-dies-dont-panic-read-this-first/ ) your BMW. When utilizing a backup power, be exceedingly cautious not to short the positive terminal to the earth or the body after removing it from the battery. Tape the positive terminal to not contact any other metal body components.
  • Remove the key from the ignition and keep this out of the way during the procedure.
  • If your BMW has an AGM battery from the outset, use an AGM battery whenever feasible. Another crucial component to consider is the battery capacity, measured in ampere-hours (Ahr). If the BMW seems to have a 90 Ahr battery, should not replace it with a 60 Ahr battery.
  • These parameters are essential because if you change one of them, you will need to reprogram your BMW so that it understands how to recharge the new battery.
  • All contemporary BMW automobiles come with Intelligent Battery Sensors, or IBS, requiring battery registration. Furthermore, you will still need battery registration, and battery registration deletes all of the previous battery’s charge profiles. If a former owner installed the incorrect battery, contact your dealer and inquire about the correct battery for your BMW.

Final Thought

To sum up, now you got a general idea about the BMW battery and its location. If you don’t want to replace it yourself, you can always go for professional help to replace it or repair it.