what are the towing costs and tips for choosing a supplier for moving a faulty or discarded vehicle?

what are the towing costs and tips for choosing a supplier for moving a faulty or discarded vehicle?

a tow truck that needs to be arranged when the car owned is broken and you want to send it to repair, or if you have stopped inspecting the car, moving a scrapped vehicle, etc.
everyone knows that it is a “tow truck” to move a vehicle that can no longer run on its own, but i think that there are not many things that face the scene of actually moving the own car with a tow truck.
here, we will introduce in detail the basic knowledge about tow truck movement in case and its characteristics about choosing a supplier.

1 tow truck
. vehicle status at the time of request

.differences between tow trucks and loading vehicles
2 tow truck flow
(1) contacting suppliers
(2)wait until tow truck arrives
(3) move
3 cost
.base rates
.distance rates
. premium rates
. vehicle status
4 requesters
.insurance companies
. repairers and purchasers
5 conclusion

tow truck

when i hear a tow truck, i think that it comes to mind such a situation that “a car is carried”. it is a tow truck that comes to pick up the vehicle by requesting a contractor and transports the vehicle to the destination. then, i will introduce the basic knowledge about tow trucks, such as how and what kind of contractors will undertake.

vehicle status at the time of request

when repairing a car or moving a vehicle to a demolition shop or repair shop for scrapped cars, the requester must move the vehicle, but for some reason the vehicle will ask for a tow truck if it cannot run on its own. specifically, it is possible to use tow trucks in the following scenes.

at the time of failure

if the damage to the car body is large due to the influence of an accident, etc., or if the tire is flat, it is difficult to run on your own even if the engine is started. even if it is possible to run, if there is an abnormality of the brake or a transmission failure, it may develop into a secondary disaster, so please choose a tow truck without overdoing it.

when scrapped

there is a case to request a tow truck even if you want to scrap the vehicle without continuing the vehicle inspection. if it is in a state where it can run on its own, it can be moved for bringing in to a dismantling company or purchaser, but if it is impossible to run due to a malfunction of the electrical system due to a long stop state, puncture, lack of gas, etc., we will request a tow truck.

the difference between a tow truck and a loading car

it is a tow truck to be used when the vehicle breaks down or when you want to be scrapped, but in fact there is also a vehicle that can not be towed. at such times, it is a loading car to use.

as for what kind of vehicle,this is “a vehicle that has expired vehicle inspection”. tow trucks are not available in this case. because the tow truck becomes a state of “pulling the vehicle” by towing, the vehicle on the side to be towed will be rolled with the wheels attached to the public road. in other words, since it is considered that “the tire is running on a public road”, it falls under the violation of the road transport vehicle act.
therefore, in the case of a vehicle that has expired vehicle inspection, it is necessary to move with the vehicle fully loaded on the loading car instead of the tow truck. or, towing is supposed to be allowed by acquiring a provisional number for transportation and attaching it.

tow truck flow

when actually towing a vehicle, how do you request and move? there are some differences in response methods depending on the supplier, but we will check the basic flow.

(1) contacting suppliers
first of all, we will contact the supplier who will take care of the towing. towing is part of the so-called road service, and in some cases it is requested directly from a specialist, and in the event of an accident, it can be arranged via an insurance company. as for the tow truck movement when wishing to scrap the vehicle, there are cases where it is not possible to undertake it at the road service company, so it is safe to ask a pick-up company specializing in scrapped vehicles in the case of scrapped car hope.

(2) wait until tow truck arrival
since the company that provides road service is basically based nationwide, even if you specify an insurance company or a road service company to register as a member and request it, the time to arrival is about 1 hour. if you are away from the base or in the case of a place where it is difficult for the vehicle to enter, it may take more time, so it is safe to check the estimated arrival time when requesting.
however, if the police instruct you to move the vehicle immediately, such as in the event of an accident at a large intersection, you need to move the vehicle by an “emergency evacuation” method instead of a tow truck. in that case, it is not possible to wait for the tow truck company arranged by the insurance company, so let’s remember that you have to ask the nearest tow trucking company from the site.

(3) move
if you are unable to run on your own, ask a tow trucker to move it to the repair shop. you can contact the manufacturer dealer of the own car in advance and have it accepted, and in the contract contents of the vehicle insurance, if you have established a tow truck acceptance designated repair shop at the time of vehicle failure due to an accident, you can have it tow for free regardless of distance even if you request a tow truck to that place.
the tow truck is available until the vehicle arrives at the repair shop, and after the repair is completed, you must pick up the vehicle yourself. if the receiving factory is far away, it is safe to consider the transportation cost at the time of pick-up.


if you don’t have experience, it’s hard to guess, but i’ll show you general data on how much it costs towing.

base rate

the tow truck will first incur a basic fee. regardless of the distance to the place where the vehicle is parked or to the destination where the vehicle moves, it is a flat cost when requesting a tow truck.
the amount of the basic fee varies depending on the supplier, but it is about 10,000 yen. in the case of a pick-up tow truck of a broken car, the price may decrease slightly. in addition, depending on the state of the vehicle towing, a higher basic fee may be set because the burden on the worker is affected.

distance fee

the basic rate and the fares that occur separately depending on the distance traveled. many road service companies set prices in units of 10 km, but it is about 5,000 yen / 10 km. if it is 20km, the basic fee will be + 10,000 yen, and if it is 30 km∓ a distance fee will be charged at 15,000 yen. if an insurance company uses a tow truck within the scope of insurance, it is necessary to carry the defective car to the designated repair shop, but in this case, there is a tendency that there is no additional charge even if the distance is far. check with your insurance company when you arrange a road service (tow truck).

premium fee

in addition to the distance fee, there are additional charges in various conditions. for example, there are cases where the night rate is set after 20:00, or the late night rate after 23:00 is set up. in addition, if the accident site is a highway, it will be more expensive than the normal fee.

vehicle status

i think that most cases to request a tow truck to move a vehicle that can not run on their own, but towing costs additional when it has become an istified vehicle as well as self-propelled. if it is a pull-up work using a normal crane car, it costs about several thousand yen plus the basic fee, but in the case of large vehicles and submerged vehicles, a special crane is required, and an additional cost of tens of thousands of yen may be incurred.


it is a tow truck that is part of the so-called road service, but i am worried about what kind of company to ask if i want to arrange it myself. let’s take a look at some of the leading road service tow truck companies.

insurance company

there are many cases where you can use a tow truck in the insurance contents of the car insurance you are wearing in your car. if you want to move a tow truck in an accident, we will make a request when you contact the insurance company for status report. in that case, basically you can use the tow truck for free as long as it is within the insurance range up to the repair shop designated by the insurance company. there are cases where a separate fee is incurred when the designated factory is quite far away, or when you request acceptance from a repair shop or dealer other than the designated factory.

repairers and purchasers

instead of the main road service company, you also have the option of asking the vehicle repairer or purchaser directly to come to pick it up. if it is decided to request repair at the supplier, or when requesting the procedure of scrapped car, there is a case where you will receive pick-up for free, so let’s check in advance.
in particular, if you are a scrapped car purchaser, you can have an istified car assessed and picked up for free, so it is recommended to try to make an inquiry.


how was it? here, we have introduced the flow, cost, supplier, etc. of tow trucks regarding the movement of failed vehicles and vehicles that want to be scrapped.
there are not many scenes that use tow trucks, but you can choose a method that does not rush and is useless and does not lose by having the necessary knowledge in case of emergency.
why don’t you take this opportunity to check this, such as membership registration for road service, review of insurance contents, consultation with scrapped car purchasers, etc.