Types and risks of custom modifications you should know about car modifications

Types and risks of custom modifications you should know about car modifications


modifications are a truly spectacular way to personalize our car. Thanks to a series of tricks, we can transform a standard vehicle into a real work of art. Thanks to personalization, we also show a little of ourselves to others through our car. There are different types of modifications that can be applied to a car. Among these, we find the personalization of the bodywork and interiors, the readjustment of the lights, the upgrading of the engine, and the fine-tuning of the audio system. Some time ago, a program was broadcast on television that talked about tuning. Different car models were shown before and after the transformation.

Many people modify cars to further bring out the performance of their vehicles and to know their depth. Even if it is said that it is a car modification at once, the range is wide, and what kind of remodeling is done differs depending on the person. The modifications method has its own personality, but when actually making changes, you must follow the rules and do it within the prescribed range. There are rules for modifying a car, and if you violate them, you will be punished. In addition, if the remodeling does not comply with the rules, safety is often impaired, and it may cause accidents and breakdowns. In order not to inconvenience the surroundings and enjoy the remodeling safely.

modifications cars as use and hobby modifications cars

the part of the car to be modified differs from person to person, and the kind of modification to be made is also different. However, when a modified car is broadly understood, it can be roughly divided into two patterns. It is remodeling as use and modifications as a hobby. The former is a modification for actual use and to increase functionality, and the latter is a modification to be done within the scope of a hobby. Modification as use is often done mainly by corporations, and it is hobby modification that individuals are involved in, but let's know the difference between each and deepen the understanding of modified cars.

modified cars by manufacturer

Modification as use is a functional modification intended for actual use and is performed by the manufacturer. The manufacturer offers modified vehicles as official vehicles, and this includes welfare and ambulances. These cars are bespoke cars that are based on the original car and have the exterior and interior modified according to their intended use. Because it is modified by the manufacturer, there is naturally no illegality, and it is legally recognized.

hobby modification cars by individuals

Hobby modifications are personal modifications, and what kind of modifications are made for each is different. Some people make modifications to improve driving performance, while others modify only visuals, so they are not necessarily modified for functional purposes. Think of it as something you enjoy within the scope of your hobby. Some modified cars are racing cars that are not intended to be driven on public roads, which is also hobby-modified car. If you are modifying as a hobby, be careful because it may be illegal, depending on the content and degree of modification.

Where to remodel the car

there is a wide range of areas where a vehicle can be modified, and individuality will be revealed by where it is remodeled. in addition, there are people who do not only remodel that appeals to individuality but also to improve practicality, and the modification part will be different depending on what you want. There are many ways to modify a car, but it is important to know where you can actually modify it individually. Let's know the parts that can be remodeled and think about what kind of finish it will be.

modifications cars for functional parts of cars

The car can deliver the best performance the manufacturer envisioned at the time of purchase, but it is also possible to unlock its potential through modifications. Functional modifications often involve changes to the engine, suspension, stabilizer, etc. the output and characteristics of the engine may be changed to change the driving performance significantly, or the ride comfort may be changed by changing the suspension and stabilizer. Even if the function part is remodeled, the range is wide, and it is often done by people who have a clear driving style that they want and people who want to ride in a car more comfortably.

car design part modifications car

The appearance of the car is important, as well as the driving performance, and there are many people who remodel the design part. The remodeled parts of the design are as follows.

· exterior design

· interior parts

· tire and wheel parts

· light

· glass, mirror parts

· brand design

the range of modifications in the design part is wide, and some people do all of this, while others modify only a part. Many people will make major changes to the entire design to create a car that is unique in the world.

How to modify a car

when modifying a car, it is important to decide on a concept. Simply making a remodeling is vague and lacks a clear vision. How to modify differs from person to person, so let's decide the concept from the purpose of use, create a clear image, and then modify it.

Cars modified to race specifications

In order to make it a race specification, we modify an ordinary passenger car to make it closer to the performance of a racing car. I often install aero parts and change the muffler, wheels, vehicle height, and engine. If you make it a race specification, the running performance will improve, but you need to be careful because it often deviates from the standard that can run on public roads.

modified car to drift driving specification

In the drift driving specification, the car's undercarriage is modified to enhance the cornering function. Installing aero parts and changing wheels is the same as the race spec, but in the drift driving specification, the suspension and stabilizer are also installed. Because the race specifications and the remodeling parts are similar, we often make modifications that combine the characteristics of each.


To make it a VTP specification, we will modify it to realize the design and habitability of luxury cars. in some cases, we will try to improve the exterior and interior and change the brand logo. there are many color changes in the exterior and seat upholstery in the interior, so it will be relatively easy to work on in the remodeling.

retrofit to cross-country specifications

People who like the outdoors often make changes to cross-country specifications. It is a modification to improve performance on the mountain and rough roads and corresponds to a functional modification that tinkers with driving performance. There will be many modifications to replace the suspension and install a winch to stabilize the ride comfort.

Cars modified to anime and manga specifications

Modifications that decorate the exterior of a car with cartoon and anime characters are also called pain cars and attract the attention of many people. The work process is wrapping and painting the car body with stickers, and the hurdle is not so high. There is only one car with your favorite character in the world, so it is a modification that is easy to show individuality.

Easy modify for beginners

It is easy to imagine that car modification is an advanced hobby, but some modifications can be easily done by beginners. If you are a beginner, it is recommended to change the accessories around the driver's seat first, and it is a good idea to try installing air fresheners and changing the handle/seat cover. These are also part of the modifications, and many people start with simple things and challenge themselves to do difficult things little by little. Also, if you want to rank up, even more, you may want to try installing aero parts or replacing the muffler. Many people think that it is difficult to install and replace parts, but these can be done relatively easily. If it is difficult to do it by yourself, it is also recommended to ask for remodeling at a maintenance shop. It costs a lot of work, but it is reliable, and the safety is also high. There are cases where it is better to do it safely even if you pay money than to try and fail forcibly, so let's confirm whether it can be done firmly and make a remodeling without difficulty.

Inspection and inspection of modified vehicles

Modification of a car is not always free, and there are clear regulations. Changes must be made within the prescribed range, and depending on the degree of modification, an application procedure is required. Although there is no illegality in the modification itself, let's be careful because modifications that exceed the regulations or modifications without application are subject to punishment. It is important to know the relationship between the inspection of the modified car and the vehicle inspection and to know what procedures should be done after the remodeling.

In the case of minor modifications, only a description change is required.

the range of modifications is wide, and the degree varies depending on what parts are used. in the case of the installation of designated parts that meet the standards, it will be a minor change, only the description change of the vehicle verification is ok, and no special procedure is required. changes to the description must be made at the transportation bureau, and a copy of the user's family register and vehicle verification are required. minor changes due to the installation of designated parts are not legally considered as modifications, so only an application is required.

In the case of a modification that changes the items described in the vehicle inspection, it undergoes a structural change inspection.

In the vehicle inspection, the car's condition at the time of the vehicle inspection renewal is described. Still, if a modification that deviates greatly from the contents is made, it must undergo a structural change inspection. Structural change inspections confirm that the modifications have been made within legal standards, and if the inspection does not determine conformity, it is not possible to run on public roads, so be careful. In other words, it is a modified car version of the vehicle inspection, and if the procedure is completed, even the modified car can run on public roads without problems. When performing a structural change inspection, all the expiration dates of the previous vehicle inspection are reset, so it is recommended to do it at the last minute when the vehicle inspection expires.

In order not to make a modification that becomes an illegally modified car

Even if you modify it, it is within the regulations, and there is no legal problem as long as you apply for it. However, there are few people who correctly understand how far they can remodel, and there are cases where unauthorized modification is done without knowing. Even if you modify it without knowing that it is fraudulent, you need to be careful because you will be subject to punishment if you violate the regulations. It is up to the individual to enjoy the modification, but everything must be done within a certain range. In order not to be punished for unauthorized modification, let's grasp the safety standards of the modified car and the contents of the modification that is considered fraudulent.

safety standards for modified vehicles

Safety standards are fixed for cars, and those that do not conform to the standards cannot drive on public roads. Safety standards are determined not only for modified vehicles but are also applied at the time of normal vehicle inspection. as long as it is within the passing line at the time of vehicle inspection, there is no legal violation, even if it is remodeled. Safety standards are determined in detail, so if you are worried about remodeling, it is recommended to ask a contractor to remodel within the regulations.

Contents of modifications that are considered unauthorized modifications

The contents of the modification considered to be unauthorized modification are as follows.

· modifications that do not ensure safety for pedestrians: aerobat with dangerous shapes, protruding tires, etc.

· remodeling that exacerbates environmental impact: cutting or removing mufflers, etc.

· modifications that prevent compliance with traffic rules: removing bumpers, changing the color of lights, tinting glass, etc.

These are determined as safety standards for road transport vehicles by the ministry of land, infrastructure, transport, and tourism. If they do not match, they will be unauthorized modifications that do not conform to the safety standards. Safety standards emphasize not only the safe use of the car but also the consideration for the environment, so even seemingly dangerous modifications can be fraudulent. Unauthorized modifications are not only a violation of the law but also a risk of accidents and breakdowns, so they must be avoided at all costs. To ensure the safety of both the surroundings and yourself, and to use the car comfortably, let's check the safety standards carefully when remodeling.

What you need to know about a risk of a modified car

Car modification is a fun and fulfilling hobby because you can build your favorite car. It may be more comfortable to use by remodeling, but be careful because there are risks due to remodeling. Just because you modify it, it does not necessarily mean that it will be better in all cases, and in some cases, it may have disadvantages. Let's grasp the risks of modified cars and try to use safe and secure vehicles.

Car modifications are something that enhances your car life. If done well, you can create one of your favorites. in addition to remodeling the design, it is possible to improve driving performance, and depending on the custom, comfort, and usability will be further increased. However, the scope of modification is determined by law, and it must be carried out within the safety standards established by the government. Modifications that exceed safety standards are illegal and subject to punishment, so be careful. If you are going to make a remodel, do it within the lawful range, observe the rules, and enjoy the remodeling.