Tips and Tricks for Using Apple CarPlay

Tips and Tricks for Using Apple CarPlay

Have you ever heard the term Apple CarPlay? Apple CarPlay is a service provided by Apple in the United States. This time I am explaining for those who are worried about how to use Apple CarPlay and what kind of service it is in the first place!

If you are an iPhone user, you may have heard of a feature called Apple CarPlay. This is a feature that allows you to use apps such as car navigation systems while driving using the iOS-compatible display installed in the car.

If you connect to the Internet via your iOS device, you can also play music and send and receive messages. When using the navigation app or listening to music in the car, there is a method of directly operating the smartphone using a special holder.

It is still possible to launch the app in this way, but the smartphone is not intended to be used while driving.

For this reason, if you use your smartphone while driving, you need to operate it when you are stopped. Apple CarPlay supports Siri, a function that operates the app with voice, so you can use your smartphone without touching the touch panel while driving.

The car navigation function is also made so that it is easy to check while driving, so there is an advantage that it is easier to use than when using the navigation system on the iPhone itself.

Apple CarPlay connects to the Internet via an iOS device such as an iPhone, so you don't need to sign up for a line contract for your car.

You don't have to pay Apple a separate monthly fee to use CarPlay. You can use it by purchasing a compatible model or retrofitting the device.

What models are supported?

In order to use Apple CarPlay, it is necessary to have a dedicated in-vehicle device on the car side. For some models launched around 2020, it is possible to select an in-vehicle device as an option.

Specifically, Toyota (Lexus), Mazda, Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, Suzuki, Audi, BMW, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz etc. Both are applicable to some models released after 2020 and can be confirmed on the sites of Apple and each automobile manufacturer.

How do I start CarPlay? What is the default setting?

In order to use Apple CarPlay, it is essential that a compatible device be installed on the automobile's side. For some models launched in 2018 or later, you can select the Apple CarPlay in-vehicle device as an option when purchasing a new car.

If it is equipped with an in-vehicle device, you can use it just by connecting your iPhone or iPad. To use Apple CarPlay, you need to do a simple setup task first.

It uses voice input when you interact with the app while driving, so it's essential to be able to use Siri. Enable Siri on the iPhone side and actually operate the app with voice input to get used to how to use it.

In order to use Apple CarPlay comfortably, your iOS device must be able to connect to the Internet. Connecting to the Internet will incur communication charges, so it's a good idea to download music over Wi-Fi.

If you use a lot of navigation apps, there is also a way to use a plan with an unlimited communication amount. When connecting an iPhone to an in-vehicle device, it was common to connect it with a Lightning (USB) cable, but recently there has been an increase in the number of in-vehicle devices that can be connected wirelessly via Bluetooth.

If you use a cable, you have to connect it every time you get in the car, but it is easy without the hassle of setting it up.
When using Bluetooth, there is no need to connect a cable, but you do need to pair it first.
Apple CarPlay uses either a wired (USB cable) or wireless (Bluetooth) connection, but if it is a wired connection, it can be charged while driving.
Bluetooth is cordless and clean, but it has the disadvantage of slow data speed.
After connecting the device to the in-vehicle device, there is no need to operate the iPhone while driving. Launch apps by manipulating the display of the in-vehicle device or input voice input to Siri.
When you first start up your vehicle, you'll see the home screen with icons for several available apps.

Google Maps is also available, and you can freely choose easy-to-use maps. If the car is equipped with an in-vehicle device as a manufacturer's option, it is also possible to operate it with the button attached to the steering wheel.

This is how to use Apple CarPlay, but while driving, it uses Siri to input voice. However, some functions require the touch panel to be operated while the vehicle is at a standstill.

If you're using Siri, press the voice control button on the handle to activate it. If you're using retrofit navigation or audio, activate it by using the touchscreen or by saying "Hey Siri"

When Siri starts, you can play music or launch the navigation app with voice input.

When you want to listen to music while driving, launch Apple Music and other music apps to play them. The Music app is available not only for streaming playback but also for data downloaded to your device.
By operating and setting up your iPhone, you can add and remove apps that appear on the CarPlay in-vehicle device. If you set "Stop notifications while driving", you can stop many notifications and concentrate on driving.
If you want to save on traffic, you can prevent certain apps from using your Apple CarPlay to prevent cellular data from being used.

What you can do with Apple CarPlay

With Apple CarPlay, you can use your car's navigation system, car audio, hands-free calling, message confirmation, etc. while driving.
Since you can use multiple functions, it is cheaper than purchasing and installing equipment individually. Apple CarPlay not only has practical features such as car navigation and voice calls, but also a way to enjoy listening to music and book readings while driving.
It is expected that Apple Music will continue to be installed on such in-vehicle devices in the future, but Apple CarPlay has the advantage that many music playback apps other than Apple Music can be used.

Touchless operation with voice input

With Apple CarPlay, you can use several smartphone app functions with voice input while driving.
The functions available include map (navigation) applications, music playback, voice calls, and sending and receiving messages. By the way, even if you use Apple CarPlay, you cannot use the video playback function or game application.

You can also use a map app and do not need navigation.

By default, you can use the map app that is installed as standard on iOS, but if you install the app on your iPhone separately, you can also use another map app such as Google Maps.
If you want to save on data charges, you can use a map app that can be used offline.

Hands-free calling and message confirmation

With Apple CarPlay, you can make hands-free calls when you receive a call while driving.
You can also check the contents of incoming emails by voice or reply by ordering Siri.