Thorough verification of the effects and necessity of door visors other protection

Thorough verification of the effects and necessity of door visors other protection

Is it necessary to install the door visor on the car? In addition to rain protection, it is difficult to wash the car, and it is easy to make wind noise when the speed is high.

“Advantages” and “Disadvantages” of door visors Introducing installation methods that you can do yourself
The door visor is also called a side visor because it is installed on the left and right side glasses.

It features a translucent black color, acrylic resin, and a streamline that swells according to the shape of the side glass. Since it is an optional part, some people refuse it even if it is recommended by the dealer.

Although I refused it once, I sometimes come across a drive scene that makes me think about retrofitting. For those who are wondering whether a door visor is necessary or not, we will introduce the advantages and disadvantages, as well as the installation method that you can do yourself.

The benefits of a door visor that is surprisingly useful

With a door visor, it’s okay to open the window if it rains a little

When asked, “What is your image of a door visor?”, Many people may say that it is a rain shield. By attaching the door visor to the car, it is certain that if it rains a little, it will be difficult for rain to get inside the car even if you open the window.

If you are in a car, you may want to open the windows even on rainy days . For example, when you want to ventilate and replace the air. This is the case after eating in the car or after the passenger smokes a cigarette. It is possible to activate the air conditioning system and take in naturally aspirated engine into the car, but opening the window is quicker and smoother.

You may want to hear outside sounds while driving . For example, when you are stopped at a railroad crossing, you may hear a sound to confirm safety. On rainy days, those sounds are drowned out by the sounds of rain and wind, making them hard to hear. In such a case, the door visor is convenient. You can open the window and check the safety without worrying about the rain.

Effective for indoor heat measures and crime prevention measures

It is a car vandalism that is worrisome if you open the window of the car even a little while parking. If you open the side glass even a little, you will have more space to make it easier to commit a crime and you will be more likely to be targeted by your car.

Since the door visor can block the space, installing the door visor also enhances the crime prevention effect.

When parking on a hot and humid day, I would like to keep the windows open a little. Otherwise, the inside of the car may become a sauna and the temperature inside the car may exceed 50 ℃. For those who live in hot areas, the door visor, which can be used not only for crime prevention but also for heat, is a very useful optional equipment .

 It becomes difficult for snow to adhere to the side glass

When the door visor is installed, part of the snow that falls toward the side glass is repelled to the outside by the door visor, making it difficult for the snow to adhere.

car body and window visor after freezing rain. Unprotected outdoor transportation in winter weather conditions

Unlike the windshield and rear glass, the side glass does not have a wiper . Therefore, it is not possible to deal with snow by mechanical operation. If the snow on the side glass freezes, the field of vision will be narrowed and driving will be hindered.

For those who live in areas where it snows a lot throughout the year, there is a great need for a door visor that makes it harder for the side glass to get snow.

Know that door visors have their disadvantages

Installing a door visor has not only advantages but also disadvantages. Consider the disadvantages before deciding whether to install it in your car.

The door visor gets in the way and makes it difficult to wash the car

Car wash is done from the roof because it uses the gravity of water dripping down. If you install a door visor, the water that has fallen from its shape will be repelled to the outside. Therefore, car wash becomes inefficient.

Also, even if you try to clean the dirt on the side glass, the position of the door visor may interfere with the work .

The door visor obstructs the view and makes it difficult to drive

Install the door visor near the top of the front and rear side glasses. It is not always necessary to look ahead while driving, and it is necessary to check the road conditions through the side glass when changing lanes.

Comparing a car with a door visor and a car without it, it is easier to drive because the view through the side glass is “wider” and “unobstructed”.

The sense of unity in car design collapses

By installing a door visor, the sense of unity in the design of the car may be destroyed. This is because there are many cars that can be built without considering the appearance of the door visor when developing the car.

Attaching a door visor to such a type of car can detract from the original design of the car .

 Wind noise is likely to occur when speeding up

If you install a door visor, wind noise is likely to occur when speeding up. Those who are concerned about abnormal noise while driving tend to avoid installing a door visor.

It is thought that the cause of the noise is that air gets into a small gap between the door visor and the car and causes vibration.

By the way, goods that prevent wind noise are sold at car supplies stores . If you are interested, consider purchasing useful goods.

How to install the door visor later

Many people will say, “I want to attach a door visor, but I don’t know what to do.” We will show you how to ask a professional for a door visor and how to install the door visor yourself.

Ask a dealer who has a car professional

If you are busy or are not confident in installing it yourself, we recommend that you ask your dealer to install the door visor.If you ask a dealer, they will install a door visor suitable for your car with professional skills.

Procedure for installing the door visor by yourself

You can also purchase the door visor at a car supply store or online and install it yourself. I will introduce the method and procedure when installing by yourself

1. 1. Clean the area where the door visor is installed

If the part where the door visor is installed is dirty, the adhesive strength of the double-sided tape that attaches the door visor to the car will be weakened . In order to install the door visor properly without weakening the adhesive strength of the double-sided tape, clean the part to be installed firmly!

2. Mark where to attach the door visor

I want to wear a door visor that looks good if possible. Therefore, it is recommended to mark it with masking tape before installing it. The installation effect will be enhanced by installing the door visor in an appropriate position.

3. 3. Make a final check to see if the front and back are out of balance before installing.

Place the door visor in the position where the masking tape is attached, make a final check to see if there is any imbalance between the front and back, and if there is no problem, install the door visor.

If you work carefully and carefully, you will be able to install it neatly and your satisfaction will increase!

The double-sided tape used to attach the door visor is so strong that if you try to remove it with force, it may leave tape marks (glue marks) or, in the worst case, damage the paint.

In order to remove tape marks (glue marks), it is convenient to have a tool called “tracer” that can be attached to a drill, but even if you like DIY, a minority of people have it. If you want to remove it cleanly, you should ask a dealer or a sheet metal paint professional.

Door visor is installed as needed such as the usage environment of the car

There are pros and cons to installing a door visor. If you drive every day, you may find it convenient, or you may find it annoying to install it.

Whether or not to install a door visor is decided according to your own driving situation, and if you think it is highly necessary, you can add it later, and if you think it is unnecessary, you do not have to forcibly install it.