how to unlock car steering wheel without key

how to unlock car steering wheel without key

Do you know the function called steering wheel lock installed in the car? The handle lock is a function provided to prevent crime, but it is not uncommon for it to operate unintentionally due to an erroneous operation. What is the function of the handle lock and how can I unlock it?

Car steering wheel

Here, we will explain how the steering wheel lock of a car works.

Handle lock is recommended to prevent theft

The car has a function called steering lock. This is an anti-theft feature that is installed in cars from all manufacturers.

Anti-Theft Car Steering Wheel Lock.

Handle lock is a function that forcibly locks the handle when you try to turn it with the key removed, and you cannot move the handle. When the handle is locked, it makes a rattling sound. It plays an important role in preventing theft by deciding that you may have tried to drive without the key and immobilizing the steering wheel.

When the steering wheel is locked, the engine cannot be started as usual because it does not rotate even if the key is inserted. In many cases, the steering wheel locks due to trying to shift the direction of the tire a little with the key removed without starting the engine, or accidentally hitting the steering wheel with a bag or elbow. In the case of a car with a family, a child may accidentally operate the steering wheel and lock it.

Let’s know how to unlock the handle

If the steering wheel is locked and you cannot move the steering wheel, you will be in a hurry. You may suspect that your car is out of order. You may think you need to call the manufacturer immediately, but you don’t have to. The handle lock can be released immediately with the key.

When the handle is locked, turn the key to the left or right while turning the handle. When the key turns, the handle lock is released at the same time. Which way you should turn the handle depends on the situation. If you cannot release it by turning it to the right, you may be able to release it by turning it to the left, so try turning it both left and right.

For automatic cars, make sure the shift lever is in the P position before turning the steering wheel.

So how do you unlock a car with a smart entry system that unlocks the door just by approaching the vehicle or touching the doorknob without using an analog key? Again, the release method is not much different from a normal car.

Move the steering wheel left and right and press the engine start button. If the steering wheel is not unlocked, the engine start button indicator will flash.

Not just the handle lock! Cause of engine not starting

The steering wheel lock is not the only reason why the engine does not start. It is possible that another problem has occurred. Let’s take a look at the possible causes of the engine not starting.

Battery dead

If the battery runs out, the engine will not start. Battery exhaustion is a problem that occurs when the electric load used for the amount of power generated continues to exceed. If you use too much electricity even though the amount of electricity generated is small, the battery will run out.

If the battery runs out, you will not be able to use all of your car’s electrical system. Even if the key turns, the engine does not work, the door lock does not work, and the light does not turn on. It will be easier to understand if you judge by the light. If the key does not turn even though the light is on and the handle does not move, it is a handle lock.

If the light doesn’t turn on and you can determine that the battery is dead, use a booster or connect a booster cable from the battery of another car to run the engine.

Remote control battery dead

If you’re in a keyless car, suspect that your remote control’s battery is dead. If the remote control battery is dead, pressing the button will not respond and the door lock will not work properly. Since the engine does not start, it is easy to mistake it for a steering wheel lock, but unlike the steering wheel lock, the door cannot be unlocked, so be careful.

If the remote control battery is dead, use the spare key stored on the remote control. Use the spare key to unlock the door and press the engine start button to start the engine. If the engine starts with the push of a button without moving the steering wheel left or right, you can determine that the remote control battery is dead, not the steering wheel lock.


It is possible that the cause of the engine not starting is not a problem such as steering wheel lock. In some cases, something in the car may be out of order. If the engine does not run even though the electric system such as the lamp and navigation in the meter is on, there is a risk that the starter has deteriorated or failed.

The starter serves as a spark to start the engine. When the starter turns the engine, the engine starts to move, so if the starter is out of order, the engine will not turn and the car will not be able to move.

Another part that may be out of order is the fuel pump. The fuel pump is responsible for sending gasoline to the engine, so if the fuel pump fails, the engine will not start. If there is no sign that the engine will start, it is highly possible that the fuel pump is out of order. If the solution, such as steering wheel lock, is not clear and you think that the engine will not start due to a car breakdown, request repairs as soon as possible.