How to open the panoramic roof?

How to open the panoramic roof?
Blue sky through an open car sunroof , view from the passenger compartment,open sunroof look up to sky.

Psychological oppressive feeling is drastically reduced even if the size of the space does not change

Did you know that there are cars that have option menus such as “glass roof” and “panorama roof” that fit glass windows into the roof?

By the way, the merit of the large glass roof that covers even the rear seats is that it is full of openness. Even if the physical distance to the roof is limited, the sky comes into view, which is a great psychological advantage especially for rear seat passengers. Also, the reason why large glass roofs are often found in European cars is probably due to his local mindset of wanting to take in as much sunlight as possible.

The sliding roof is operated using the switch at the top of the front seats.
Only the back of the roof is slightly lifted
Push (or pull) and release the switch shown in the figure until it exceeds the response, and the sliding roof will operate automatically. If you press the switch lightly again, the automatic operation will be interrupted and the opening / closing operation will stop.

Open sunroof button
  • To operate the sliding roof, you need to turn on the accessory mode or start the engine.
  • When opening and closing, a part of your body may get caught in the movable range of the sliding roof. When opening and closing, make sure that no part of your body is within the range of motion.
  • Children may operate the sliding roof and get caught in moving parts, especially when there is no attendant. Do not leave your child in the car without an attendant. Also, when you leave the vehicle, be sure to carry the key with you to lock the vehicle.
  • If a roof rack is installed, check if the sliding roof can be opened and closed. However, it may not be possible to open or close depending on the model.

Panoramic roof pros and cons

1 Why choose a car with a panoramic roof?

2 Which models have a panoramic roof?

3 Disadvantages of the panoramic roof

Motorists seem to have a particular fondness for the panoramic roof. This, at least, is what emerges from market surveys in Europe and the United States. But is it really a good choice? Aesthetics aside, what are the advantages and disadvantages associated with the panoramic roof?

Why choose a car with a panoramic roof?

The first reason, we have mentioned, is essentially aesthetic. The panoramic roof pleases, it makes the car more personal and more comfortable. From a functional point of view, a car with a panoramic roof is preferred over traditional versions because it is brighter and – if you choose a panoramic sunroof – allows greater air circulation in the hottest periods of the year. Comfort and maximum brightness, therefore, are the main reasons that suggest more and more motorists to buy cars with a panoramic roof. Traveling in a car with a panoramic roof, even a fixed one, offers a pleasant “en plein air” experience, for both the driver and passengers.

Which models have a panoramic roof?

Practically, panoramic glass is now an optional accessory available on almost all car models. Even some city cars can, if requested, mount the panoramic roof as an alternative to the classic sheet metal roof. Maybe, in some cases, you will have to settle for a fixed panoramic roof. Keep in mind that it is an accessory that is not exactly cheap, but that pays for itself in part in the evaluation of used items.

Disadvantages of the panoramic roof

First of all, let’s clear some prejudices about panoramic roofs. The size, weight and having a large glass overhead have created some safety concerns in the past. Technology now makes it possible to make products that are shockproof and resistant to bad weather. In the event of an accident, there are no more risks than with a traditional roof. Even and in the event of hail, modern panoramic roofs offer important guarantees and their resistance can be even greater than sheet metal.

However, it is true that a panoramic roof requires more maintenance. It is still a glass: it must be cleaned frequently to ensure adequate driving comfort and an aesthetic result equal to the reasons that made it chosen. Like all gaskets, those of the panoramic roof must then be periodically inspected and subjected to maintenance, to avoid annoying problems. This type of maintenance will have to be even more accurate if the glass can be opened. Whether it is mechanical or electrical opening, the closure must be perfect so as not to expose the interior of the car to atmospheric agents.

Noise chapter. Does the panoramic roof make the passenger compartment noisier? Generally no. External noises are generally well shielded even with a panoramic roof.

The most significant disadvantage of a panoramic roof is related to heat. Even if the panoramic roofs are shielded, their ability to limit access to ultra violet rays is still less than a traditional roof. The consequence? Inside the passenger compartment, heat exchange is less effective. Basically, it will be a little warmer in the summer and a little colder in the winter.