How to change license plate light

How to change license plate light


Each vehicle comes equipped with equipment devices and other types of lights. Among the many lights present, you will find the license plate bulb. The latter is illuminating the rear license plate with white light. a way to allow the identification of the car at night and in case of poor visibility. The bulb must work perfectly and start working simultaneously with the position lights and on the dashboard. If the license plate light stops working or burns out, it must be changed, as it could cost a considerable fine in the event of a roadblock. Therefore, if this inconvenience happens to you, it is advisable to act immediately, relying on your trusted auto electrician. But if you have some manual skills in this field and want to save at least maintenance, I suggest you do it yourself. So make sure you have everything you need and get started. What you should consider when buying the bulb
If you want to change the license plate bulbs yourself, make sure that when you select a suitable new bulb, the light it emits adequately illuminates the license plate. In the following guide, I will explain.

2.Led lamp

Purchase the new bulb

The first thing you need to do is to buy a new license plate bulb. Before moving, I suggest you check if, in the dashboard of your car, there are still those supplied by the car manufacturer. Among other things, the bulb is easily recognizable. Alternatively, you could also opt for the LED  version of the bulb, certainly more functional and longer lasting than the classic incandescent ones, now obsolete both from an environmental point of view and regards the aesthetic aspect. In case you are not in possession of the spare bulb kit, go to an auto parts shop,

Remove the old bulb

Before replacing the light bulb
It is best to change the bulb in a bright, well-lit, and dry place. Turn off the ignition and the lights. Normally it is not necessary to disconnect the car battery when changing the license plate light because it is not usually necessary to work on open lines. But you will not see this until you have removed the light. So it can't hurt to disconnect the negative terminal of the car battery.
At this point, move on to removing the old license plate bulb. So park your car in a safe place and start your work. Place the equipment and the light bulb next to you that you will need to carry out the change operation. Open the trunk and locate the bulb. Here you will find that there is a slide. Take a screwdriver and gently pry the slide, being careful not to force it too much (otherwise, you risk breaking it and hurting yourself). Once opened, the slide will leave the bulb free to replace. Remove it by releasing it from the side contacts and setting it aside. Reminding you that once the work is finished, you must throw it in the appropriate container for the disposal of the lamps.

Fit the new bulb

Finally, proceed to install a new license plate bulb. Take the bulb and remove it from the package. Reassemble it in verse, as I have explained to you before. Place it well and make sure it fits perfectly between the contacts. A recommendation that I suggest is to not over-tighten the bulb. Otherwise, it will shatter in your hands. The correct slot is what follows a "click" sound. After the first step, it is necessary to reposition the glass slide on the lamp, always with the usual interlocking system, and here the work has been completed correctly. Once this is done, you have replaced the faulty bulb. When doing this work, try to keep the bulb steady and not break the contacts. Some operations may seem seemingly simple to put into practice, but they hide a number of pitfalls. Automobile lamps are very fragile, and it could happen that they break in the hands of those who. Now place the lamp back in its bracket. If you have disconnected the battery, reconnect it. Start the ignition and switch on the light. If the newly installed bulb lights up, you have successfully changed the license plate light and can now screw the license plate back on.


Never forget:
There is no need to rush to the nearest car parts immediately, but first of all, it is a good rule to check at home or in your car if you have a light bulb that has just gone out. Very often, in fact, spare bulbs for cars can be purchased in multipacks, and if you check very carefully, you can find the piece that is right for you.
In the event that you are not familiar with this kind of work, it is preferable to contact a professional.