How much does a tractors tire weigh

How much does a tractors tire weigh

More powerful than it seems—a few words about tractor tires

Extraordinary loads and those that require special attention are part of our everyday life.  Some of them, although seemingly simple, can surprise you with their size. Have you ever heard the sentence: "The heavier the tire, the higher the quality"? Although weight and quality can correlate with each other, the picture is much more complex.

The weight of a tractor tire depends not only on its size, and the same goes for other off-highway machines. A tire for heavy loads can be heavier than another of the same size because the extra elements that reinforce its structure affect the overall weight.

How much does the average tire weigh?

Are you still curious about the weight of a tire?

The weight of tractor tires ranges from 74 to even 200 kg, and the diameter is almost 150 cm. Of course, it depends on the size of the rim, which accounts for a large part of the weight.

Average-sized models weigh around 160 kg. However, a tractor tire for CrossFit training is lighter and weighs just 80 kg. Without rims, tractor tires weigh almost as much as truck tires, i.e., around 100 kg.

How much does a tractor tire weigh without a rim?

Tractor tires weigh without rims about as much as truck tires, i.e., around 100kg.