How Long Does a Smog Check Take?

How Long Does a Smog Check Take?

You will think of this when your vehicle does “Bad” in terms of emissions. Most of the vehicles on the planet run on fuel, petrol or diesel. Those fuels are combustive liquids, meaning they burn and provide energy to turn the engine.

Burning fuel emits smoke. Smoke or emissions pollute the air. Can we ignore air pollution? No, we can’t, which is why the world has introduced a test called the Smog Check.

What Is a Smog Check?

Emission check, smog test, or smog check all refer to the same test. It is a quick test to evaluate the engine emissions of any vehicle. Rules and regulations on smog checks can vary from country to country. However, it is a must-do in every part of the world now.

The test is not a DIY check. It happens in a licensed smog testing facility. They issue a certificate, which says whether your vehicle passed or failed the test. Theoretically, you can’t drive your vehicle on roads without passing this test.

The Purpose Of a Smog Check?

Before getting to this, “how long does a smog check take,” we explain to you the test from A to Z. Many millions of vehicles run here and there every day. Emissions by those many millions of vehicles pollute the air we breathe and damage the Ozone Layer.

The whole world talks about pollution now. It is now an international requirement; every vehicle owner should get a smog check done every year. The purpose of this check is to ensure that your vehicle is producing safe levels of emissions. The test is mandatory around the world to make sure that the air we breathe is safe.

Does your vehicle pollute the air? You should do something about it immediately as a human being!

What Happens During a Smog Test?

The check only takes only a few minutes, and what happens during those minutes? A smog check is a three-step process.

  1. An initial visual inspection to confirm that all equipment is connected properly, and emitted smoke isn’t white or black. Black smoke suggests that you would fail the test.
  2. The technician then performs a general functional inspection on the vehicle’s onboard diagnostic system and computer for errors and fault codes. Old vehicles may not have these systems.
  3. The last test is the detailed check to measure the number of dangerous emissions that your vehicle releases into the air. Carbon Monoxide, Nitrides of Oxygen Oxide, and Hydrocarbons are the compounds that this test measures.

Each part of the test covers crucial aspects, meaning you have to pass each to get the smog check pass certificate.

How Long Does a Smog Check Take?

Here’s the answer to the principal question. The test doesn’t take ages to complete. On average, a typical Smog Check only takes about 20-30 minutes. The licensed testing facility issues the certificate that says passed or failed the test.

“This vehicle passed the smog inspection” is what you would get when your vehicle passes the test. A test that only takes 20-30 can save the world from becoming a polluted place. Would you ignore it?

Many countries have made it mandatory to present the smog check “Pass” certificate when renewing the vehicle registration. You can’t drive the vehicle without a renewed registration certificate, and you can’t get the registration certificate without the smog check pass.

What Happens If Your Vehicle Fails the Check?

Many vehicle owners go through this challenging situation. Out of millions of vehicles that go through this test every year, many thousands fail it.

As mentioned, failing the test means you can’t renew the vehicle registration. All vehicle owners who failed the test need their vehicles’ problems diagnosed by a licensed smog check repair technician.

The repair generally happens in a licensed smog check repair station.

The repair may be more expensive than the smog test, but you got no other options here. The money you spend on this crucial repair is a long-term investment. More emissions mean your vehicle burns fuel in excess amounts, which wastes thousands of dollars throughout the year.

Which Vehicles Need This Test?

These standards apply to all gas-powered vehicles manufactured after 1975. The older the vehicle, the more emissions (general fact.) With each passing year, passing the smog check would be harder because older engines have considerably deteriorated.

If you own a brand-new car, you could avoid the test for the first six years. The number of years may vary from country to country. You pay a smog abatement fee instead of the test for the first six years.

Do Hybrid Cars need an emission test? The rule changes when it comes to hybrid vehicles. However, some countries still want hybrid vehicle owners to get the emission test done. Verify it with relevant authorities.

What is the Best Place to Get the Test?

The answer to “how long does a smog check take” highly depends on the licensed testing center you choose for it. Though the test only takes 20-30 minutes, you will have to wait in a queue for your turn.

Some testing centers in the country have the technology to speed up the process; you will benefit from choosing such a testing center to get your vehicle inspected.

Wrapping Up

Don’t worry over, “how long does the smog check take?” It’s a quick test that only takes about 20-30 minutes, but its purpose is to save the world. If you are not sure whether your brand new vehicle needs the test, verify it with the motor department.

Regular maintenance and using a fuel injector cleaner would get you to pass this test. If you fail the test, be honest, get your vehicle repaired and face the test again until you pass it!