The automatic speed control switch is mounted on the steering wheel of the vehicle and is intended to make driving less tiring. Once you select a speed, you can press the automatic speed control switch, and the car will remain at that speed after taking your foot off the accelerator pedal. This will allow the foot, legs, and body, in general, to be more comfortable while driving. In addition, it will help you maintain a constant speed as you get off the highway.

The automatic speed control will remain set until you press the brake pedal or clutch pedal, which cancels the automatic speed control system. You can accelerate to pass another vehicle, but you return to the previous speed once the accelerator is released. The Auto Speed Control switch has a few different buttons, such as the Cancel, Resume, Accel, and Decelerate buttons.

Over time, the automatic speed control switch can wear out or become damaged. This could be due to an electrical problem or simply because it is consumed. In any case, it is a good idea to have professional mechanics diagnose the problem. They will be able to replace the automatic speed control switch and repair any other problems that cruise control may have. If the auto speed control switch is not working properly, none of the buttons may work.

Since the automatic cruise control switch can wear out or become damaged over time, it's a good idea to recognize the symptoms that indicate that you may need to replace the switch in the near future.

Signs indicating that the automatic speed control switch needs to be replaced include:

  • The cruise control light lights up
  • The speed controller will not remain set at a certain speed or will not be set at all
  • Brake lights do not turn on
  • None of the buttons on the steering wheel work

If you experience any of the above symptoms, book a service with a mechanic. Your vehicle's automatic speed control feature will make driving more comfortable when traveling long distances, so have it repaired before your next trip. In addition, if the brake lights do not work, it is necessary to replace them immediately since this is a safety hazard.