How do you spell bicycle?

How do you spell bicycle?

The second English expression for "bicycle" is "bicycle". "bi" means "two" + "cycle" means "wheel" = "two wheels" = "automobile". It is an English expression used as much as "bike" introduced above, but "bike" is more widely used colloquially. The English spelling of bicycle is "bicycle" or "bike". Both refer to all types of two-wheeled vehicles, including bicycles. "bike" is short for "bicycle". Native speakers seem to use "bike" frequently.


"cycle" means "bicycle". "Cycle" is a verb that means "to ride a bicycle".

You can say ``go cycling'' and ` ` cycle to...'' to say ``go cycling''. It's not an expression I use often, but "bicycle" can also be called a "pedal cycle." "pedal" also has the meaning of a verb, meaning "to move by stepping on the pedal". A cyclist, a cyclist, or a cyclist is a 'cyclist'.

Other English words for "bicycle."

  • two-wheeler: bicycle
  • tricycle: tricycle
  • velocipede: an early bicycle with pedals on the front wheel
  • penny-farthing: a bicycle with a huge front wheel
  • racing cycle: bicycle for competition
  • electric bicycle / e-bike
  • mountain bike: mountain bike
  • full-size bicycle: a bicycle for adults
  • children's bicycle
  • training wheels: training wheels

Bicycle parts

  • saddle/seat
  • chain
  • rust
  • pedal
  • Light
  • Flat tire: Punk
  • break
  • bell
  • Bicycle carrier bicycle basket
  • Child seat *The same applies to "child safety seat".
  • Bicycle handle
  • Bicycle gear/shift (gear change)
  • Bicycle wheel
  • bike key
  • basket cover/seat cover
  • bicycle pump
  • bicycle tube
  • cycling