Ferrari Hatchback GTC4 Lusso

Ferrari Hatchback GTC4 Lusso

When it comes to Ferrari, the first thing that it is reminiscent of is a supercar with a large displacement, and the second is that it is difficult to control, and because the body is low and the suspension is hard, it is difficult to become a daily means of transportation, and at most it can only be used as a spare car for holidays to play cool and pull the wind.

But these stereotypes of Ferrari may need to be changed because Ferrari can actually be easily controlled. Even if it becomes a daily commute to and from the office of the boss, it is not necessarily that buying a Ferrari can only be left in the garage at home on weekdays and can only be driven on flat urban roads.

Yes, the protagonist of our test drives this time is very special because it is not a product that is locked into the general mass market and because of the brand halo plus the relationship between pricing, even if it is the entry car in the family, it is destined to be extraordinary and a symbol of status. We rarely test drive this kind of car that ordinary people can't reach, because many people may not be able to buy it even if they save a lifetime of money, but as we said, it's not necessary to read the test drive article without money. Even if you can't buy it, it's good to watch it.

The Ferrari GTC4Lusso is renowned worldwide for its performance and practicality, and in addition to its name-keeping, which derives from the classic 330 GTC and 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso, it is powered by the Prancing Horse's most legendary and iconic V12 naturally aspirated engine.

Although after reducing the exhaust volume of the engine and introducing the turbocharging system, it can still have a power output performance comparable to the large-displacement naturally aspirated engine at high revs, the high-pitched sound of the large-displacement naturally aspirated engine at high revs, like the sound of a 100-member symphony orchestra, and the linear and easy-to-control output curve are the charming characteristics of small-displacement turbo engines. Therefore, even though turbo technology is changing with each passing day, Ferrari, with a large displacement V12 naturally aspirated engine, is still the hottest car in the world's top supercar market, and it is also the most popular choice to own and collect.

Among the current Ferrari production models equipped with a large displacement V12 naturally aspirated engine, in addition to the 812 Superfast with 800 hp, the other is the GTC4Lusso, which has been favored by many veteran gamers, with a standard 4-seat plan, a large two-door hatchback hunting shape, and a four-wheel drive setting.

The GTC4Lusso, whose name combines founder Enzo Ferrari's favorite classic cars. the 330 GTC and 250 GT Berlibetta Lusso, the 4-seater "4", and Italian luxury ("Lusso"), is currently the only super GT sports car in the top supercar that can seat four adults and has a wide range of variations. The Shooting Break double-door hatchback's hatch back is trimmed with sharper and sportier styling and replaced with classic Ferrari's 4 round taillights, and 3-piece shark fin vents derived from the 330 GTC are embedded in the left and right leaf sheets, which greatly improve heat dissipation and downforce.

In terms of appearance, many friends around me think that the GTC4 Lusso lacks the traditional Ferrari kind of outward and eye-catching design and appears more conservative and mediocre. The front of the car is basically almost devoid of unnecessary decoration and embellishment, except for two headlight groups. The headlight group has built-in LED daytime running lights and HID+ perspective (Projector) low beam.

In addition, the GTC4Lusso, wearing a red speed trench coat, not only has the leaf sheet inlaid with the Ferrari team's shield badge, but also with red brake calipers and a red tachometer, and optionally features a chrome front tank guard, black glossy painted rear windows, and 20-inch painted wheels.

Stick strictly to the standard black and red main colors This car is equipped with a carefully cared for red GTC4lusso, not only with two first-class wrapped and supportive, electrically adjustable sports car seats with ventilation function in the front coordinates, but also with very complete carbon fiber trim in the lower half of the driving area, carbon fiber inlaid dashboard, carbon fiber center armrest, carbon fiber welcome plaque, and LED overturn lights above the three-spoke sports car steering wheel. The Manettino control mode knob is available in five driving modes: snow, WET, COMFORT, SPORT and ESC OFF to meet the needs of different road conditions and environments.

And in order to enrich the journey, this GTC4Lusso with a panoramic glass sunroof, in addition to the center console standard 10.25-inch full-color touch LCD screen with parking and development functions, but also an optional high-fax HiFi audio system and Apple CarPlay mobile phone on-board system, there is also an 8.8-inch full-color touch LCD screen in front of the passenger seat, which can display the status of entertainment system selection, navigation, driving information and the Manettino control mode knob.

As for the engine compartment, the GTC4Lusso is powered by a 6.3-litre V12 naturally aspirated petrol engine with a displacement of 6,262c.c., which can burst out at an astonishing 690 hp at 8,000 rpm and deliver a maximum torque of 71.09 KGM at 5,750 RPM. Paired with a 7-speed F1 dual-clutch automatic manual transmission and a clever 4RM Evo all-wheel drive system, it can not only sprint from a standstill to 100 km/h in just 3.4 seconds. It can also easily run at a top speed of 335 kilometers per hour.

What's more, the GTC4Lusso is also equipped with version 4.0 of the side slip control system, as well as the original factory called "Virtual Short Wheelbase" rear-wheel active steering and can be integrated with the 4RM Evo four-wheel drive system into the 4RM-S system, which integrates all the latest Ferrari chassis technology and distributes the power of the left and right front wheels in a timely manner, providing the best handling and driving pleasure at all times.

Why don't you go somewhere in a Ferrari? If invited, regardless of age or gender, I am sure that they will immediately answer, "By all means!" However, if "somewhere" was a country club, I think many people would shy away from it. Driving while facing the yellow prancing horse in the center of the steering wheel is still a special experience.