Dodge Charger, Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye Jailbreak, the most powerful mass-produced muscle car

Dodge Charger, Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye Jailbreak, the most powerful mass-produced muscle car

When you think of an American muscle car, the first model that comes to mind is probably the Dodge Challenger. If you want to ride the top grade of the Challenger, or if you want to last a lifetime gasoline-powered car, the Hellcat Red Eye Wide Body is what you deserve.

The 2022 Dodge Charger and Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye wide-bodied Jailbreak models went on sale, opening up the opportunity for customers to own their own customized, high-performance dodge with the addition of personalization options.

The 707hp Challenger Hellcat that shocked the world appeared in 2015. The Hellcat, sought after worldwide as the most muscular model with a box-shaped body at the time, significantly influenced subsequent muscle cars.

At first, the Hellcat was thought to be a "one-time special model", but it was added to the regular lineup and is still sold even now, although it is refined almost every year.

At the same time, the "demon" appeared again. A Demon is a drag-based machine built based on the Hellcat, and in a sense, it is a monster that generated 840 HP.

Naturally, it was a limited number of 3300 units, but it was also a particular drag race-based machine, but the impact of the 840hp was explosive.

Moreover, this 840hp, as I later learned, was also an 840hp that doubled as a test in a sense. That test was the model change of the Hellcat in 2019. In the model change carried out as the 2019 model, the standard Hellcat was powered up from 707hp to 717hp, and a version upgrade model above it appeared. It is "Hellcat Red Eye".

Jailbrake offers a wide range of options, including seat, wheels, exterior badges, stripes and brake calliper colours, and colour combinations that were previously unorderable. Exclusive options such as hammerhead grey laguna leather seats are also available. With an improved powertrain, the power output of the SRT Hellcat Redeye Widebody has been increased to 807 hp, and the Jailbrake badge has been added to the instrument panel.

Jailbreak is part of a two-year Dodge Never Lift campaign to celebrate the launch of some new Dodge models and initiatives. The Dodge Garage page will feature 24 months of muscle car faces, allowing you to challenge legendary professional wrestler Goldberg. US standard)

The interior is partially covered with Alcantara to create a luxurious atmosphere, and the leather is high quality. Also, while the rear seats are usually narrow in 2-doors, the Dodge Challenger is more expansive than other 2-doors so that you can ride comfortably. The interior is equipped with Uconnect 8-inch touch infotainment that comes with Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto display makes graphics, navigation and excellent voice recognition.

The Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye Widebody has more than 20 options at its disposal: seven options for seats, stripes and wheels, brake calliper colour options, five exterior badge styles, four steering wheels, seat belt colours and four-floor mat colours.

The Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Red-Eye Wide-Body Jailbreak offers a range of previously unavailable options, including the following options in the Jailbreak package:

Additional features of the Dodge Challenger include a sunroof, exterior stripes and graphics, xenon headlights, automatic high beams, adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, blind spot monitoring, a nine-speaker Alpine audio system and Harman Kardon premium surround sound. There is a system.

Hammerhead grey Laguna leather seats / Hammerhead grey floor mat accents / Hammerhead grey, sepia and daemonic red seat belts / Leather steering wheel / Alcantara steering wheel option with SRT / Cooper Weaver carbon fibre bezel / Decked stripes / Widebody side strip / Brass Monkey / Satin chrome / Red exterior badge / Chrome fuel filler cover / Blue and yellow brake callipers / 20x11 inch lap speed Satin carbon lightweight low-gloss granite wheels are ready for the Challenger.

The Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Redeye Widebody Jailbrake also comes in a variety of option combinations: seven-wheel options, six exterior stripes, brake callipers and colours.

For example, there are five-seat options and badges, four steering wheels, seat belts and floor mat options. In addition, exclusive opportunities for the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Red-Eye Wide Body Jailbreak include:

Hammerhead grey Laguna leather seats / Hammerhead grey floor mat accents / Hammerhead grey, sepia and Daemonic red seat belts / Leather steering wheel, optional Alcantara wheels with SRT logo / Hood, roof, deck lid vinyl stripes / Brass Monkey / Satin chrome / Exterior badge / Black nickel exhaust tips / Blue, yellow brake callipers/20x11 inch Wrap Speed Satin Carbon Lightweight low-gloss granite wheels are available to your liking.

The power of this red eye is a whopping 797hp. The engine was a detuned version of the Demon, a limited model.

In other words, the supercharger has been enlarged compared to the Hellcat, the pistons and connecting rods inside the engine have been replaced with reinforced products, and at the same time, heat countermeasures and oil-related upgrades are naturally being made so that 797hp that generally users can use in the city has been realized.

In addition, the chassis was modified from the Demon's drag base, set up for general use, and changed to a completely normal 797 hp machine.

In addition, a model called "Wide Body" equipped with over fenders to use wide tires to hit the total power was produced to support the power increase.

One shop staff member said, "Looking at the contents of Red Eye, I feel sorry for the person who bought the Demon. In short, Red Eye is more accessible to drive on ordinary roads than Demon.

The best American muscle ever. It is the last gasoline-engine car that will last a lifetime. The Hellcat Red Eye Wide Body can be said to be the best model.