Detailed usage of cruise control and three taboos

Detailed usage of cruise control and three taboos

What is cruise control? From the literal meaning, it can be seen that the speed can be fixed. In fact, cruise control is also known as the automatic driving configuration. When we turn on cruise control, the fuel supply of the accelerator is controlled by the computer. It will adjust the throttle size according to the road conditions and the resistance of the car when driving to maintain The speed we set in advance. At this time, our right foot does not need to step on the accelerator. The speed of the vehicle is the speed we set, which reduces our physical fatigue and saves fuel consumption, thus achieving economical and easy driving. The main driving road is the highway.

While cruising is convenient for us, there are also three major taboos that we must be clear about.

First is the non-closed road section because the road conditions of such a road section are very complex, and there are many roads and intersections extending in all directions. If cruise control is used, the speed cannot be controlled in time according to the actual road conditions, and traffic accidents are prone to occur. Therefore, it cannot be used in non-closed road sections such as cities and villages. At the same time, if there are many vehicles on high-speed, or there are road sections that indicate that accidents are frequent, try to avoid using cruise control.

Second, it rains or snows. Because the road surface in rainy or icy days is slippery and the handling of the car is reduced, cruise control cannot be used for safety reasons.

Third, winding mountain roads or road conditions with many turns. In such road conditions, we generally need to decelerate or drive at a low speed. If we use cruise control, the speed is controlled at a certain speed, which is not conducive to our driving, so cruise control cannot be used.