Car rust prevention measures. Anti-corrosive agent and anti-rust treatment. Car rust preventive coating / coating

Car rust prevention measures. Anti-corrosive agent and anti-rust treatment. Car rust preventive coating / coating

The body and underside of the car are made of steel and may rust.

Rust is called a “flameless fire,” and as it progresses, it reduces the strength of the machine and leads to a loss of appearance and function.

In this article, we will explain about rust preventive measures, rust preventive agents and rust preventive treatments, rust preventive coatings, and rust preventive coatings for cars.

Car rust prevention and rust prevention

There are similar terms such as “rust prevention” and “rust prevention” as measures against rust on cars.

Rust prevention is to prevent rust by surface-treating metal with paint or plating, or coating it with an oil agent.

Rust prevention has the same meaning, and there is no big difference between the two.
However, the properties of “rust preventive pigments” and “rust preventive pigments” are slightly different.

Rust-preventive pigments give rust-preventive power to the coating film, and rust-preventive pigments suppress the corrosion reaction under the coating film.

Rust-preventive pigments are lead-based and zinc-based, but rust-preventive pigments include those that form a chemical film that has a rust-preventing effect, and metal powder pigments that ionize before the base metal and exert a rust-preventing effect. There are various types.

Important points for rust prevention

Rust is generated from moisture and oxygen, so how to block them is an important point in rust prevention.
To protect the metal surface from moisture and oxygen, there are the following coating technology methods.

  • Metal coating (various plating)
  • Inorganic coating (glass, concrete, ceramic, etc.)
  • Organic coating (rust preventive oil, paint, rubber, plastic, etc.)

Among the above, for car rust prevention, there is an organic coating using paint.

In addition, the undercoat underneath is rust-proof coated to protect the underbody from corrosion from muddy water.

About rust preventives

As a car rust preventive, there is the use of rust preventives.

General usage of rust inhibitors

Rust preventives include “rust preventive oil”, “rust preventive”, and “rust preventive paper (film)”.
Among them, rust preventive oil may be used as a car rust preventive.

Although the rust preventive oil has a relatively short rust prevention period, it easily penetrates into difficult-to-treat areas such as gaps.

Use a cloth, brush, roller, etc. to blend it into the metal surface, or if it is a spray type product, spray it on the desired part.
However, there are some places where it is difficult to apply the rust preventive by yourself, so if you are worried about the work, ask a contractor.

Recommended rust preventive points

When choosing a rust inhibitor, it is important to understand the characteristics of the product.
For example, if you live by the sea, a rust inhibitor with excellent seawater resistance is suitable.

Furthermore, if the product has the property of replacing water by pushing water from the metal surface, rust is less likely to occur.
If your car is in a very harsh environment or storage environment, choose a rust inhibitor that is highly water resistant and water replaceable.

If you want to prevent rust in a short period of time, a rust preventive with a thin film is suitable.

Car rust preventive coating / rust preventive coating

Car rust prevention construction includes painting and coating.

Anti-rust coating

Rust-preventive coating is to apply rust-preventive paint or rust-preventive agent to firmly adhere to the material and suppress the generation and progress of rust.

Rust-preventive coatings include products that can be applied over even if they are already rusted, and products that convert rust to stable iron oxide with a conversion agent.

Anti-corrosion coating

Rust prevention coating is to apply a special solution to prevent the progress of rust.

The rust-preventive coating protects the appearance without spoiling the appearance, such as being able to give a colorless and transparent finish.
In addition, some of the solutions to be applied chemically react with snow melting agents and metal salts contained in sea breeze to form a rust preventive film.

About rust prevention under the car

There is also a case of “I bought it with a new car, but rust occurred in 2 years”, and even if it is a new car, rust will occur depending on the weather and geographical conditions.

Therefore, considering the effects of sea breeze and snow melting agents, we recommend that you consider rust prevention mainly for the lower part.
In addition, external rust prevention, such as underside, may not be sufficient.

Moisture, which is the cause of rust, tends to accumulate inside the car body, so consider applying it not only to prevent rust on the surface but also to the inside.

For rust prevention below, it is a good idea to check with the client to see if the internal work can be done.


Car rust is caused by moisture and oxygen. Rust prevention includes methods such as rust preventives, the use of paints, and coatings.
When painting or coating, ask a specialist to do the work according to the rust condition.

Also, even if it is a new car, rust may occur depending on the weather and geographical conditions, so consider not only external rust prevention such as underside but also internal rust prevention.