car perfume diffuser

car perfume diffuser

Car perfume is becoming more and more popular. The quality of the air inside the car is also essential. For this reason, it is good and right always to check and keep the ventilation system of your vehicle, regularly changing the pollen filter, which has the task of purifying the air entering the car through the vents of the ventilation system, as well as the air conditioning filter when used assiduously, finally, keeping, as far as possible, the interior of the car always tidy and clean.

Perfume manufacturers are in charge of creating unique fragrances for use inside the car. These fragrances differ from perfumes in the type of aroma and intensity, in addition to resistance to temperature changes, since, in some cases, they are subjected to long exposure to the sun or sub-zero temperatures.

Cars tend to lose that characteristic aroma they have at the beginning and accumulate bad smells that persist in the environment, even if the vehicle is clean. These bad smells do not have a common origin. Several factors can affect it, such as sweat in the warm months, pets' smells from outside, smoke, and pollution.

The aforementioned bad smells penetrate the upholstery, making it difficult to eliminate them. This is why using car deodorant can become the perfect ally for your vehicle.

How do they work?

Car perfumes, as a rule, consist of a small glass bottle with a wooden cap. This wooden cap is imbued with aroma and releases the fragrance gently.

How do I use car perfume?

Once you have purchased your car deodorant, you need to follow the following steps:

·        Uncork the perfume, unscrewing the part of wood adhering to the glass bottle that contains the car fragrance inside.

·        Once opened, you will notice that the bottle has a plastic cap, which you need to take out for the fragrance to impregnate the wood.

·        After completely uncorking your car perfume bottle, screw the wooden cap again.

·        Once closed, hang it in the rear-view mirror of your vehicle, and it will be ready!

Which car flavor's are the most sought-after?

Driving a car has become a pleasure that stimulates the five senses, and the sense of smell is one of them.

Getting into your vehicle and being enveloped by a pleasing aroma, which stimulates driving, is a great advantage, but not everyone likes the same car aromas.

How to perfume the car?

How to perfume the car? It is very important to keep the passenger compartment of the car always clean and fragrant, especially if we also have passengers on board. In addition to effective and periodic cleaning of the car interior, it is advisable to keep the passenger compartment also fragrant and to do so, and there are various solutions.

  1. Buy a cabin deodorant. There are hundreds of them, of all brands and tastes. You can buy it in hypermarkets or in a car item store.
  2. Buy a product to neutralize odor's. Usually, these are sprays and are very effective against strong odor's such as smoke, the smell of food and foul odor's in general.
  3. Use perfume. If you prefer, you can also vaporize your favorite perfume or the one you usually use inside the passenger compartment. But be careful not to spray it directly on surfaces, vaporize it in the air or spray it on an old, outdated car deodorant.
  4. Create a car deodorant yourself. You can make one using, for example, a cork on which to put a few drops of essential oil and drill it centrally so that we pass a thread inside. Alternatively, you can create one with tights and dried lavender. Take lavender and fill the tights, close it well and place it in the corner of the passenger compartment.
  5. Periodically operate the car air conditioner and change the air filter. The air conditioner tends to accumulate moisture and with it also foul odor's. Remember to operate it now and then, and do not forget to replace the air filter periodically!