BMW SUV Interior

BMW SUV Interior

The BMW X5, known for its dynamic and elegant SUV, what do the interior and interior look like of the popular X5? In addition to the interior and interior that I am interested in for the X5, I will introduce the evaluation of the BMW X5 and so on, so if you are considering the X5, including the interior, please refer to it. The interior of the current X5 stands out for its quality and sophisticated design, making it look like an executive office. And the BMW cockpit, advanced with two displays, stands out. Here, we will explain the interior of the current model X5.

Features of the BMW X5 instrument panel

The interior of the current X5 is a new BMW Operating System 7.0 display and operation system based on the concept of conveying necessary information to the driver at the right time. introduced The BMW Live Cockpit features two displays: a 10.25-inch control display that can be customized by the driver and a 12.3-inch full digital instrument cluster. The control display now provides a more user-optimized menu display for easy access to a variety of functions and settings.

In addition, steering wheel buttons, an iDrive controller located near the center console, a touch-enabled display, and voice and gesture controls provide stress-free access to the information and settings you need in the most accessible way for the driver to navigate, depending on the situation. The 12.3-inch full digital instrument panel can display parts of the navigation map in the center of the left and right meters that display speed and rpm, and an improved heads-up display provides greater visibility, allowing the driver to focus on driving and receive the information they need while facing forward.

Interior Controller

The switches in the cockpit of the X5 are laid out around the driver, so they are designed to be very easy to operate.
In addition, since it is possible to operate various functions such as entertainment and communication with one controller, it is possible to concentrate on driving, and it makes the driver very happy.

By using a variety of applications and services, it is very convenient to have necessary information and functions that can connect with important people.
If you connect to the network, you can access reliable information sources even when you are on the move, communicate by phone and get the latest information widely, and other very useful functions are in place.

BMW X5 front seats

The upright layout of the seat position makes the view from the driver's seat wide and open, like in an SUV. The windshield is equipped with a heads-up display that can recognize speed, navigation information, etc. without having to move the line of sight from the front. Most of the switches laid out by function are button-type, and they are devised so that they can be operated reliably by touch. The various information displayed on the two displays can be freely displayed according to the driver's preference.

In addition to the new chassis, models other than the Standard Grade are the first in the X series to feature four-wheel adaptive air suspension. Sensors installed on each wheel constantly detect road conditions and loads, and automatically adjust the height of each wheel between 40 mm above and below as necessary, so that a stable and comfortable ride can be maintained in a flat ride. In addition to the heater function, a ventilation function and a massage function are also added to the seat of the high-end model, so that you can move comfortably.

BMW X5 rear seat

Compared to its predecessor, the 25mm wheelbase has been extended by 40mm to improve rear comfort. In addition, the rear seats are 4:2:4 split and foldable, and it is possible to arrange various seats according to the number of passengers and the large amount of luggage. As an optional feature, the Rear Entertainment System Professional is available. The driver's and passenger's seatbacks can be fitted with 10.2-inch color displays that are independent of the left and right sides, and the rear seat air conditioning is also equipped with a four-zone automatic air conditioner that can be adjusted individually on the left and right sides.

BMW X5 luggage compartment

The current model has a luggage capacity of 650 liters (500 liters for the xDrive45e) for five passengers and expands up to 1870 liters (1720 liters for the xDrive45e) when all the rear seats are folded down. It is also equipped with a sliding deck box under the floor. Wet things can be stored. In addition, some grades are equipped with a convenient hands-free backdoor function that allows you to automatically open and close the backdoor by simply sliding your foot in and out under the rear bumper if you carry a smart key.

The interior of the current X5 is a BMW Live cockpit, composed of two large displays that give a sense of advancement. The hand-crafted glass finish creates a stunning blend of two elements: functionality and luxury, including a crafted crystal finish with exceptional beauty and a smooth touch.