Are SUV Safer Than Sedans

Are SUV Safer Than Sedans

When buying a car, there are several points to consider. It may be a standard passenger car or a mini car, a domestic car or an imported car, etc. Some people may be wondering whether to make it an SUV or a sedan. Both are popular models, and it may be difficult to find a decisive factor to choose.

If you know the features, merits, and demerits of each, you can decide which car to use. In this article, we will explain the detailed features of SUVs and sedans, as well as recommend models.

SUVs and sedans each have their own characteristics. The characteristic of an SUV is its high level of functionality. There is an image that it is for outdoor use, but recent SUVs are demonstrating their performance even in city riding.

Sedans are sold with a sense of luxury and stability. There are also many stylish sedan models. It is a good idea to choose according to your driving life. We have summarized the characteristics of each.

SUV is an abbreviation for "S (sport)", "U (utility)", and "V (vehicle)". Literally translated, it is "a vehicle useful for sports, etc." It is also often described as a multi-purpose sports car.

To sum it up, an SUV is a car that "has a good sedan and an off-roader."

For off-roaders that can load a lot of luggage and run-on rough roads, toughness is emphasized. The platform (chassis) used is a ladder frame. This is the same as a truck, with the body resting on top of a sturdy frame. The rudder frame is characterized by high rough road driving performance, but the vehicle weight is heavy and fuel efficiency is poor. In addition, the ride comfort and quietness were not enough. It is a car for sports and the outdoors, and at the same time, it means a car that can be used for multiple purposes. The vehicle's height is higher than that of a sedan, making it suitable for off-road driving and being able to load a lot of luggage.

Most SUVs are large enough to accommodate city parking, making them small enough to turn around in the city. Modern SUVs don't always have 4WD. There are also models that can be switched by 2WD or automatic. An SUV can be said to be an all-round car.

A sedan is a car in which the living space and luggage room inside the car are separated. Compared to an SUV, the vehicle height is lower, making it easier to get on and off. It is common to store luggage in the trunk at the rear of the car. Throughout the history of the automobile, sedans have been the mainstay. The reason for this is the usability and balanced driving performance that satisfy many people.
The sedan has a separate living space and trunk, so it is very quiet. This is because the trunk room is located around the rear suspension, which is the source of noise and the part where other noise enters. Noise is coming into the living space, making it quieter.

In addition, since the overall height is moderate, the center of gravity height can be maintained relatively low, and the athletic performance is also high. It can run in a stable posture, even in curves.

Sedans are available in two-door and four-door models. It is also characterized by a sense of luxury and many stylish cars. Many company cars and car hires with company executives use black sedans. Even in private cars, relatively elderly drivers and hard-core car lovers may have a high percentage of people who love sedans.

There are four main attractions to SUVs. One is the ability to drive on rough roads. You can drive with confidence on unpaved roads and muddy roads.

It is also attractive that the comfort of the car is high. The high vehicle height makes it easy to drive with good visibility from the driver's seat, which is probably why SUVs are preferred. Compared to sedans, there are also parts that are safer. We've rounded up the four attractions of an SUV.

There is a partition of the space, which gives it an advantage in terms of safety.

The fact that the interior of the car is separated from the luggage compartment and the hood also leads to improved safety. In the unlikely event of a collision from the front of the car, the hood mitigates the impact, and in the event of a rear-end collision, the trunk acts as a cushioning material. If you have luggage in the trunk, it will act as a cushion.

The low body also has the aspect of safety. This is because the rear view is ensured for the following vehicle, which leads to the early detection of danger and increases the possibility of preventing a rear-end collision.

In terms of handling stability, tall SUVs have a high center of gravity and are at a disadvantage. Recently, however, there have been models with lower overall heights to improve handling stability. The SUV's handling stability is inferior to that of sedans, but it is overwhelmingly better than that of off-roaders. Some high-end automakers have a large lineup of high-performance models based on sedans. You can enjoy the excellent driving performance of a sports car, and practicality is also guaranteed.

capable of driving on rough roads.

Rough road performance is an excellent attraction for a SUV. SUVs are taller than sedans. For this reason, even on gravel roads that are not paved, it is safe because sufficient clearance is ensured under the car body.

Many SUVs have 4WD. In terms of stability, it is not inferior to sedans. Even in road conditions where it is easy to slip, such as snowy roads, the tires firmly grip the road surface. You will be able to drive with confidence, even on mountain roads. An SUV is perfect for driving in the suburbs.

High rear seat comfort

It is also characterized by the high habitability of the rear seats. Most SUVs have four doors, so you won't have any difficulty getting in and out of the back seat. Many SUVs are longer than 2 meters at the front and rear of the car. The rear seats are designed to give you plenty of legroom.

Many models also have armrests and drink holders in the back seats. When you sit down, there are many cars that have room above your head. In slightly larger SUVs, the rear seats may have three rows of seats. It is also convenient that the seat is often collapsible.

Good forward visibility and easy to drive

The good view ahead is also an attraction of the SUV. Because the SUV is tall, you can see far away when you sit down to drive. Since you can see the destination of the car in front of you, it will also lead to safe driving. You can detect danger as soon as possible.

This is especially true when driving at high speeds. If you can check the situation in front of you as quickly as possible, you can safely decelerate or change lanes. If your eyes are high, you will not be afraid to drive at high speeds. This is because the lower the line of sight and the closer it is to the road surface, the more you will feel the speed.

Body design has become an advantage in safety.

SUVs are also excellent in terms of safety. This is because it was originally intended for off-road driving, and the design of the body itself makes it sturdy. The strength of the frame is often increased, and some shock or vibration does not affect it.

The size of the car's body also leads to safety. Even in the unlikely event of a collision, the size of an SUV will not crush the car's body so easily. In terms of keeping passengers safe, SUVs are also a big advantage.

The sedan also has excellent charm. One is the comfort of the ride. Being said to be a luxury car is related not only to the stylishness of the appearance but also to the comfort of the ride.

The separation of the seating area and the luggage compartment actually leads to improved safety. If you buy it with a used car, it will be relatively cheap and easy to get. Let's take a closer look at why.

excellent ride comfort.

In terms of ride comfort, the sedan has a higher ranking. This is because the lower the car body, the lower the center of gravity and the greater the stability. When turning at an intersection or corner, the body does not shake much.

The softer suspension than an SUV is also a feature of the sedan. Even on rough and uneven roads, it reduces shock and vibration. It can be said that the separate luggage room also leads to comfort. Even if you have smelly luggage, it will not get into the car.

Rough-road driving ability

The indicator of rough road driving ability is the minimum ground clearance. While many models are around 180 mm, some SUVs and off-roaders exceed 220 mm. SUVs cannot be expected to be as rough on roads and tough as off-roaders. However, if the combination of sufficient ground clearance and 4WD is sufficient, it is possible to drive off-road in a sedan that cannot be entered. Among SUVs, there is a tendency to divide them into types that are good at off-road and types that emphasize on-roading.


Sedans have separate luggage space and living space. As a result, the sound from the rear suspension is difficult to enter the living space, and the quietness is overwhelmingly superior to that of the sedan. The fact that many of the luxury cars are sedans also has advantages due to the high level of quietness.


The ride quality of an SUV is overwhelmingly better than that of an off roader. Recently, models that place more emphasis on ride comfort have been introduced one after another.
Compared to sedans, SUVs have heavier bodies and larger-diameter tires. Therefore, compared to the sedan, it tends to be a little sloppy on the ride. The gap has also become much smaller recently.

Load ability & Usability

As for luggage space, SUVs have an advantage. The sedan is box-shaped, and the space at the top is inevitably limited. However, hatch-gate SUVs can also use space above, so they can carry more luggage. In addition, in the case of sedans, there are many models that do not have a trunk-through function, and it feels inconvenient to load long objects. Among SUVs, it is necessary to pay attention to models that prioritize design, because the luggage space is a little narrow.

gas mileage

Because the SUV is taller, the vehicle will be heavier. If it has the same engine as a sedan, the fuel efficiency will be worse because the weight of the car is heavy.
The same is true in terms of power performance. If the engine has the same output, the sedan with a lighter weight feels more powerful.

Ease of operation

The SUV has a higher seating position and can see the vehicle from the top slightly, so there are slightly fewer blind spots than the sedan. Also, the view is good, so there is not much pressure even if you are running in the city. Hoping on and off is also good. However, the SUV has a slightly larger body size in order to have more powerful styling.

Which is better, an SUV or a sedan?

In the end, there are many people who want to know which SUV or sedan to choose. In conclusion, it can be said that it depends on the family structure and the purpose of using the car.

However, one thing I can say is that the current mainstream is SUVs. In the past, cars were sedans, but now manufacturers sell different types of SUVs.

It was an SUV that had the impression that it was suitable for off-road driving and outdoor leisure, but now it is easy to ride even in the city, and there is no discomfort at all.