Are clear taillights illegal ?

Are clear taillights illegal ?

For many drivers, their car is more than just a commodity. Accordingly, there is often the desire to modify your vehicle visually or provide additional equipment. In this country, however, there are strict rules as to which changes may and may not be made.
Tuning's only legally harmless to a certain extent. Especially when it comes to changes to the luminaires, there are often many uncertainties. For example, the topic of "clear taillights" is a perennial favorite among hobby screwdrivers. But are dark or clear taillights allowed at all?

Why do so many people have clear taillights?

They are cheap, and for some reason, people think they look good.
In many countries, clear taillights are illegal. There is a reason on country roads, you see a pair of small headlights in the distance, and you don't slow down because you will be passing each other on opposite sides of the road right

Is changing the color of the brake lights to another color a violation?

"The color of the brake light (brake lamp) shall be red." If the color of the brake lamp is changed to a color other than red, for example, white, it corresponds to a modified car.
In addition, if a clear lamp is used, it will not pass the vehicle inspection because it is a color violation, but it is not a violation to attach a smoke film to the lamp to make it a smoke lamp.
In contrast to the taillights that are always on, the brake lights turn on when you apply the brakes. By telling the vehicle behind that the brake is being used, that is, decelerating, the car behind also slows down, preventing collisions. In other words, the role of the blinkers, brake lamps, and taillights is to appeal to surrounding vehicles about the car's presence and to convey the direction of the rider's driving.

Red is an instinctively eye-catching color that calls attention. In addition, it is an expansive color, has the properties of advanced color, and is energetic and uplifting. In addition, it is a color with various functions, such as psychological effects that make you feel that time passes faster than the actual time.
The red brake lights make it easier for drivers of vehicles behind them to catch their eye and raise their awareness of alerts. In addition, the psychological effect of feeling closer than the actual distance also accelerates the braking of the rear vehicle. Just as red is used in the "stop" of traffic lights, the sense of red = stop may be imprinted in daily life.

In other words, brake lights are "necessary for the rider and surrounding vehicles to drive safely," For this purpose, "the most effective red color is to call attention and instinctively catch the eye."