2023 Mercedes-Benz GLA-class

2023 Mercedes-Benz GLA-class

Mercedes-Benz is planning a major facelift for its compact GLA-CLASS SUV.
We will introduce the new GLA class that improves attractiveness by using the latest information such as specs.
Mercedes-Benz plans to launch an improved version of the GLA-CLASS. The Mercedes-Benz GLA-CLASS is marketed as the brand's entry SUV and has become as popular as the A-class hatchback, on which it is based. The revamped new GLA class features a new exterior design.

In addition, the texture of the interior is improved, and the usability is improved by raising the functions of the infotainment system "MBUX."

The launch of the new Mercedes-Benz GLA CLASS is scheduled for 2023.

changes to the new Mercedes-Benz GLA class.

1.    Adopts new exterior design

2.    Improve interior texture

3. Update the infotainment system "MBUX"

The exterior of the new GLA class is enhanced in texture by adopting a new design.

The front adopts a new grille and changes the mesh pattern. In addition, the design of the bumper has been reviewed to create a more stable style. The rear is with an advanced finish by changing the graphics inside the tail lamps.

The interior of the new GLA class is enhanced in texture by adopting a new design.

The MBUX (Mercedes-Benz user experience) infotainment system supports the latest in voice control and augmented reality (AR) navigation. Together with the digital meter, a variety of information is displayed in an easy-to-understand manner, and various connected services are also provided.

The powertrain of the new GLA class will be available in 1.4-liter and 2-liter turbocharged engines on the gasoline model and the new generation of 2-liter turbocharged engines in the diesel model.

The 2-liter diesel engine is a model that complies with the latest European regulations and exhibits a large amount of torque. In addition, the new GLA-CLASS will also be available as a plug-in hybrid model that combines a 1.4-liter gasoline engine with an electric motor to enhance environmental performance.

The fuel efficiency of the new Mercedes-Benz GLA CLASS (WLTC MODE VALUE)

1.4l gasoline: 15.5km/l

2l diesel: 16.5km/l

The fuel economy of the new Mercedes-Benz GLA class is enhanced by the latest diesel engines. Although it is 4wd, 16.5 km/l is secured in the new GLA class, making it easy to enjoy driving.

The new Mercedes-Benz GLA-CLASS will be equipped with the latest safe driving assistance systems.

The system constantly monitors the distance between the vehicle in front and the surrounding traffic conditions (parallel objects such as vehicles, lanes, guardrails, etc.) to expand the situation where steering assist is activated more than before.

In addition, "active lane changing assist" that automatically changes lanes by confirming that there is no vehicle in the destination lane when the driver flashes the turn signal and "active emergency stop assist" that automatically decelerates and stops gently while maintaining the lane in the event that the driver faints while driving are also adopted.